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Welcome to a virtual Camp St. Vincent:

A gathering place for Vincentians who might not have a "CM" after their names, but who remain committed to the Mission and to each other. And for our CM confreres who want to know what we are up to.


Tony Dosen will not be able to join us on Saturday, so we won't have a live-stream.
Here are details for the weekend:


Friday evening scoff: 6:00-10:00pm 

Walter Payne's house 

We'll have dogs/burgers, chips and hopefully some of Telhiard's gumbo. [byob]

We'll pass the hat for a few bucks from each person to help cover the food.

(if you plan to come Friday evening last minute, and haven't RSVP'd yet - that's OK - just let me know ASAP so we have enough food)

Saturday Golf: First tee time is 8:45am - please be at the course by 8:00am

Crescent Farms Golf Club - 745 Lewis Road  63025

$65 per golfer

16 golfers, 4 foursomes [K. Wells, Dominique Wells, E. Gregory, Brendan Gregory, Quinn Gregory, J. Figueroa, Gabby Figueroa, J. Mumma, L. Peltier, J. Scheurich, M. Crotty, R. Wells, D. Wells, T. Gregory, Adam Gregory, Ed Murphy]

Saturday Get-together at South Ninth:  4:00pm - 9:00pm

1408 S. 10th St.  63104

Feel free to stop somewhere and bring your own dinner - or, you may order from Joanie's To Go.

I'll have some printed menus with me on Friday and Saturday, if you'd like to look them over.

Joanie is a parishioner at South Ninth and her place is nearby in Soulard. They have great pizza, salads, sandwiches and pasta.

If you choose this option, please phone in your order between 4:00 and 5:00 Saturday afternoon [314-865-5800], ask for Sarah, and mention that you're part of the St. Vincent's Group for delivery at 6:00.    No need, really, to RSVP for Saturday evening - just show up if you can...!

[We were planning on having Tony Dosen speak to the group about new initiatives and potential collaboration between the CM's and XCM's, but he had to postpone due to a schedule conflict. He will however, be in Perryville on Sunday and may speak to us for about 10-15 minutes while we're there.]



11:00am Mass at South Ninth

Immediately after Mass - drive down to Perryville and go to Ewald's for lunch (approx. 1:30pm). Terry Bucheit will be opening Ewald's just for our group.

However, he just informed me that his ice cream machine is down and a new compressor isn't due for 2 weeks. So, no malts, unfortunately :.... but good food and good company nonetheless.

3:00-5:00pm  Visit with the confreres at the Barrens. We'll need to excuse ourselves by 5:00pm so the confreres can continue with their evening schedule.

Supper and other evening plans can be made at that time.

Everyone's welcome to join in on Sunday - no RSVP required.


Monday - no RSVP required for Monday (except golf, if you're planning on playing and not already on the list below)

Breakfast at the Park-Et Restaurant at 8:00am - 211 S. Kingshighway, Perryville, MO  63775

9:00am - Drive out to Camp St. Vincent (I'll have directions for anyone who needs them)

10:00am - 12:00pm Hang out at Camp.

12:30pm - 9 holes of golf at Arcadia Valley Country Club  (golfers signed up: K. Wells, E. Gregory, Brendan Gregory, Quinn Gregory, J. Figueroa, Gabby Figueroa, L. Peltier)

This where you might find words of wisdom and other profundities in the future from the Provincial, 
Pat McDevitt, CM
If anyone has some photos or other content for this page, please submit it to Dennis Wells:
If anyone wants to help curate this page, also send a message to Dennis.

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