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Good Friday

April 10, 2020

On Good Friday we remember and reflect on Jesus' sacrifice of his own life for us. We begin with the prophet Isaiah telling us about the Suffering Servant, who "was cut off from the land of the living" who "because of his affliction, he shall see the light in fullness of days". In the letter to the Hebrews, we are reminded that thru Jesus' suffering, he became the source of salvation. Then we hear John's moving account of Jesus' passion and death. We never celebrate mass on Good Friday but we would have been receiving Communion. We've included the song that we would have sung at that time.

A special thank you to our friends @ who make sure that our artists get paid for their work. Here at St. V's, we are proud to maintain a license so that artists get paid. All rights reserved.

We begin the Good Friday service kneeling in silence, then we hear from the prophet Isaiah: 

Responsorial Psalm:
Psalm 31, Be My Refuge
setting by Dan Schutte (all rights reserved)
John 18:1—19:42
Narrative form w/ acclamations
Rev. Mr. Terry Collins
At this point on Good Friday, we venerate the Cross -- not a crucifix, but a plain wooden cross. We don't "worship" this plain wooden cross, we observe it with reverence. This piece of wood that was the tool of a carpenter's trade has become the tool of his execution. 
Let's listen to
Behold The Wood
by Dan Schutte (all rights reserved)
Communion Song: 
Faithful Cross
by Tom Kendzia & Rory Cooney (all rights reserved)

The Good Friday service closes just as it begins: in silence.

As you reflect on Our Lord's passion and death today, here are Teri & Amy offering a reflection.


Here is Pie Jesu

Note: this is NOT a video of mass; the Eucharist is being celebrated privately on our behalf by the Archbishop and others (links can be found at This is a glimpse of what you might have heard and seen at St. Vincent's this evening if we could have all been here together.

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