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"To Serve rather than be served"

Soup Kitchen

Senior Bingo

Our Ladies sponsor the weekly Bingo as Volunteers serving lunch and working bingo.

Clothes Donation

Clothing Window

Our Ladies staff the clothing window every Tuesday providing clothes, shoes and toiletries to those in need.  They also have cots and blankets.  The association provides new underwear, socks and winter gloves to the program.

Volunteers Packing Food

Food Pantry

Our Ladies volunteer both hands on and through the association's treasury supporting the efforts of the St. Vincent's Food Pantry.  The association provides the milk and eggs given out and have done so since the Food Pantry originally began.

Unwrapping  Gifts

Vincentian Christmas Program

The association donates between $4,000- $5,000 to the Vincentian Christmas Program every year.  You will find our Ladies helping to set up the Church Hall, assisting shoppers and delivering groceries and presents to our Seniors in need.

Baby in Baptism Clothes

Baptism Blankets
& Prayer Shawls

We provide all of the blankets given to the babies who are baptized at St. Vincent's Parish. We also crochet and knit prayer shawls to anyone who requests one.

Fruits and Vegetables

Nutritional Program

This is our newest program.  The association provides funds to be used to provide intuitional items given out to those coming to St Vincent's Lunch window.  This could be oranges, bananas, fresh vegetables, etc.

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