Liturgical Formation Program

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Renewing our prayer… to renew our hearts: Lent 2015

Overview of Liturgical Formation at St. Vincent’s.

Thank you to all of our lectors and cantors for your commitment to serving the people of God at St. Vincent’s!

Since our day of reflection for ministers at the beginning of Lent 2014, we have been looking for ways to better serve you, our ministers.  In the past, our approach has been to have a session every couple of years to refresh and regroup within our particular ministries.

We think that an on-going program of formation would better serve you, and our community, so that we can always be at the top of our game.

We have assembled a Liturgy Formation team and have developed some ways to support you as you develop as liturgical ministers. This program consists of the following:

–       Every Reading and Responsorial Psalm will be recorded at weekend masses; you will receive a link to view the video clip of any Reading/Psalm that you proclaim.

–       You will also receive a link to a very brief self-evaluation survey to assess your own proclamation.

–       We will offer several days of on-going ministerial formation throughout the year; you will be expected to attend one of these annually.

–       The Liturgical Formation team will be available to assist individuals with specific concerns.

The video links will be on our parish YouTube channel and will be Private (the public will not be able to see them). You are free to share the link with a friend if you want some helpful feedback from someone else.

The self-evaluation is a essential piece of this formation program. The Church tells us, and we believe, that the Real Presence of Christ is manifest in the proclamation of the Word at Liturgy. We have an incredible responsibility to do our best so that our fellow parishioners are able to receive Christ though his Word.

Thank you again for your willingness to serve our parish community. We have a vibrant tradition of liturgical celebration here at St. Vincent’s and we are grateful for the contributions that you make to our public prayer.